LLF Digital was a Blast!

All talks will be available on our YouTube page in a few days. Subscribe to our channel to be notified once they are live.

We also held six incredible 15-minute masterclasses with industry experts such as Otejiri Ejimabone, (Hanker+Reech), Baboa Tachie-Menson, (Balm Labs) Tara Mulhare, (ITC/SheTrades), and Olufunke Jones, (Providus Bank), who took us on a journey through Tech and Fashion, the hand-stitching of leather to perfection, the art of coloring leather, and the steps to taking your business from local to global.

15 Minutes with Aisha Ugah: The Art of Colouring Leather
15 Minutes with The Style Infidel and Ozinna: How To Style It.

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