I resumed  YD on the 23rd of October, 2018 with mixed feelings. Reason being that I’m a broadcast student with little or no knowledge of Public Relations. I applied for an internship at YD because I wanted to have a feel of P.R as it will be a plus for me in my future endeavours. My initial thought about P.R was that you basically just create awareness for a product and that’s that. I didn’t know about the teamwork, the feedbacks, the continuous follow-up, the dedication, the sweat, the criticism the publicist receives, the client management, e.t.c and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  I learnt “Endurance” because clients come in different ways. Some are quiet, some are feisty, and you have to know how to calmly handle whatever mood they come with. I learnt that asking questions yields results because what you don’t ask for, you don’t get. Also, ”Diligence “ was a key feature you should have when working at Y.D. I left YD an improved version of my former self, from using the computer to the appropriate mode of sending official emails, the manner of approaching clients and tricky situations, how to be a proactive team player and dedication to the job. I am exceedingly grateful to Miss Yetty and her members of staff for their patience, guidance, indulgence, and the knowledge imparted and I hope I am able to make them proud in my future endeavour.

Tomi Alli, Unilag Intern. 2018