My experience at YD was quite enlightening. I previously didn’t have an interest in building a career in PR, because from what i learned in the classroom, I thought it was just about presenting a good image of a corporate organization or brand, even when the reality isn’t so. I thought it was just all about putting up deceptive facades.

But a series of events beyond my control threw me into the field, to YD Agency, and I got to see how good PR works. It actually helps the brands and organizations step up their game. Increased visibility has to come with increased efficiency, and that’s one thing that YD Agency works to achieve. I got to learn first hand of the immense amount of work involved in helping brands to keep in touch with their clients. I also learned of the personal commitment required to take charge of a brand, key into its vision and ideas, and handle it masterfully enough to bring about an image that is even better than what the brand owners envisioned. An image that they will then be obligated to live up to.

It can be very tasking, but also very exciting. And the feeling that comes from knowing that you did your very best with a particular programme, and from the satisfaction of a client— it is just priceless.

I learned how a good team is supposed to work, how our efforts complement each other’s, and how members of a team need to have each other’s backs and keep each other on our toes, knowing that whatever the outcome, whether good or bad, we’re all in it together

I learned all of this, and more, during my stay at YD

Blessing Ikechukwu.
Unilag Intern.