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GUIDE: Interior & Product Design Expo 2021

To celebrate the growth and the coming of age of a new era, the Interior Designer Association of Nigeria (IDAN), has unveiled the theme for 2021 GUIDE exhibition as, ‘The Evolution’ which is geared at the gradual development of the design industry as it relates to interior design, product design and embracing form and function inbuilt environments where health, safety, and welfare of the public are of foremost importance.

Scheduled to hold on the 17th and 18th of September 2021, the EXPO  is free and centered around 4 different activities, taking a fresh approach to creating distinctive sections showing different product design, Arts and culture, interior designers portfolios and business/ career development seminars.

GUIDE (Gida Uno Ile Design Exhibition) is an annual event organized by IDAN, it was initiated in 2013 as the flagship event to showcase and promote IDAN members and their businesses. GUIDE (Product and Design Exhibition) is targeted at being the foremost Interior Design Furniture and Lifestyle exhibition in Nigeria. The unique name was invented from the word “HOME” in 3 Predominant languages in Nigeria: Hausa, Igbo, and Yoruba respectively.

The EXPO presents an incredible possibility for exhibitors to connect with the top Nigerian buyers and decision-makers who recognise GUIDE as a hub for bestsellers. It also gives designers the chance to collaborate within the industry by bringing together a curated edit of top brands and exciting new names across the design and lifestyle spectrum split into different sectors to make sourcing easier.

“Built on years of success, GUIDE is constantly evolving to ensure we remain the destination of choice for design-led brands and top buyers.”  IDAN P.R.O

There are opportunities for advert, partnerships and sponsorships with the benefits of aligning your company with IDAN, industry growth, Brand exposure and corporate engagement.

For more information on Exhibition, advertisement, sponsorship, partnership and more, contact;

To register for the event, click the link;

About IDAN

The Interior Designers Association of Nigeria (IDAN) was founded in 2007 as a sole global voice and authority for interior professionals in Nigeria. The Interior Designers Association of Nigeria, is a multi-faceted support network open to the broad spectrum of professionals working within the Interior Architecture and Interior Design community.

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The United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) to Host West Africa Business Forum in September on the theme “Empowering Women Youths to Spur Africa’s Transformation Agenda”

Lagos (Nigeria), September 03, 2021 – The United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (ECA), through its Subregional Office for West Africa, has announced her invitation to sector champions in various industries to be a part of the Regional Business Forum structured around high-level meetings, consultations with Business Champions, the youth, and women in the West African business ecosystems. 

The 3-day Forum will be held in Lagos, Nigeria from September 21st – 23rd, 2021, at The Intercontinental Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos, using a hybrid format i.e. physical and virtual, due to COVID-19. The Regional Business Forum will be held in collaboration with strategic partners from across the region/Continent at, bringing together women and youth from across the 15 West African countries, business leaders, the private sector, and SMEs. The forum is set to encompass various activities such as panel discussions, exhibitions, mentoring sessions, presentations, and many more.

The West Africa Business Forum is the first edition in a series of stakeholders’ engagements by the Economic Commission for Africa with top business leaders, and sector champions in Africa. The theme of the first-ever forum is  “Empowering Women and Youths to Spur Africa’s Transformation Agenda”. 

With Africa being the youngest continent and a projection of Africans constituting a whopping quarter of the world’s labor force by 2050 due to high fertility and declining child mortality rates, it has become imperative to pivot the continent’s demographic dynamics for sustainable development. The forum is an initiative of the sub-regional Office for West Africa of ECA in partnership with Compass Global Business Services, working with a host of Coalition Partners, such as the International Trade Centre, International Labour Office, ECOWAS, Organization of Trade Unions of West Africa, Lagos Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Neca’s Network of Entrepreneurial Women, Association of Nigerian Women Business Network (ANWBN), WIMBIZ, Junior Chamber International- Nigeria, Cameroon, a host of Youth Organizations, and Women ​Networks across​ the Region. 

The Director of the Sub-Regional Office for West Africa of ECA, Mrs. Ngone Diop, has expressed the wishes of her Office to engage sector leaders across critical sectors of the economy within the West Africa Region, to translate ideas into actions around specific interventions that are designed to build capacities, and empower the Youths & Women in the region. The process is aimed at developing a regional framework and an ecosystem, which is geared towards harnessing the opportunities of the African Continental Free Trade Areas (AfCFTA) as an anchor, to unlock the potentials of youths, and Women in West Africa (and Africa), as well as a foster business championship to its maximum abilities for women and youths from across the region. This will stimulate regional engagements and strategic private sector partnerships to support experienced and non-experienced women and youth entrepreneurs. 

Specific objectives of the forum are:

  • To provide a platform that will be used to share business opportunities among women and youths across the region and in Africa at large.
  • To showcase success stories, of women and youths’ businesses for cross learning and impact.
  • To identify business champions who are committed to support the growth of women and youths and link them for effective mentorship and dedicated support.
  • To define an agreed action plan for follow-up and tailored support to women and youths’ businesses, following a pilot approach.

The expected results from this meeting are:

  • Business leaders identified as dedicated champions for women and youth entrepreneurs, accepting to support, mentor them to grow their businesses and or engage in the business sector;
  • An action plan along with a pilot approach agreed upon and will be refined following the forum to implement such championship initiative;
  • Women and the youth’s potential, challenges and fear discussing with themselves taking full responsibility to change the status quo with dedicated support from the Champions, among other support. 

In order to achieve the expected results, the Forum will adopt a targeted yet broad approach, looking at strategies for post-Covid 19 pandemic economic recovery, emerging development and investment opportunities in areas around the  African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA), key business sectors such as agri-business infrastructure development, and the social sectors of health and education.

It will also focus on the unique value addition to be garnered from West Africa and Africa’s rich resource endowments. The targeted participants are the women and youths from across West Africa, particularly those who: run businesses (irrespective of the size); have start-ups, and/or have workable business ideas, among others, as well as women and youths with no prior business experience but are committed to engage in entrepreneurship. Representatives from government and private sectors, business leaders, United Nations and other intergovernmental organizations, as well as the private sector, donors, NGOs, business leaders, etc., will also be considered. The languages of the Forum are English and French with interpretation services made available.

For more information, please send an email to and copy

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Guess Who’s Back?

In case you were wondering, we’re happy to announce the re-entry of one of our long-time estimable clients, Emmy Collins London. They are back into the Nigerian market, this time bigger and better!

A bit of a re-introduction, Emmy Collins London is a UK-based avant-garde fashion label launched in 2003 in the UK to cater to men’s wear with a functional store in Nigeria.

Unfortunately, they had to take a back seat in the fashion industry and physical operation of the business last year due to the top culprit of the year, COVID-19.

As we all know that 2021 is the year of reclaiming lost time and positive results, we’re excited to have them back in business and working with us.

The Emmy Collins London team has very interesting news in the works and we can’t wait to share it with you! Known for their maximum attention to detail, originality, and bold fashion pieces, can you guess what it is? 

While we anticipate, be sure to stay updated on on discount sales and unique pieces. 

Follow across socials – Instagram | Facebook | LinkedIn –  @emmycollinslondon 

The mantra still remains originality, originality, and originality.

Own Your Style…

With this 100% cotton quality and well-tailored Contrast Polka dot bib shirt with a hidden buttoned-down collar, you’re well on your way to make the right fashion statement.

Shop Polka Dot Shirt here.
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Say Hello to Aura Rejuvenescent!

Introducing an excellent made in Nigeria perfumery and fragrance brand that epitomizes the art of confidence through great smell.

With a range of products from floral scents to oud oriental to chypre oriental, Aura Rejuvenescent caters to all genders. The perfumes feature an array of scintillating notes such as citrus in Bergamot, orange, jasmine, amber musk, berries land, tonka bean, rose musk, leather, vanilla, frangipani, and many more.

To shop, simply send a direct message on Instagram @aura.rejuvenescent or Whatsapp +2348063039393.

Love it, Shop it!

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Highlights From the Max Out Press Conference

The official press conference for the upcoming Max Out event, powered by the WINHER initiative took place on Wednesday, July 28, 2021 in a physical and virtual setting. The WINHER initiative is a 4-stage investment education, financial inclusion and wealth creation project for women of color.

The press conference started with an opening prayer, led by Mrs. Tomie Balogun, Co-Founder/CEO of Twelve, followed by a welcome address from the President, Borderless Trade Network, and founder of project WINHER, Mrs. Olori Boye-Ajayi, who gave the overview of the project and expected outcome. The initiative seeks to sensitize and educate women in business on how to look for other opportunities outside Nigeria. The WINHER initiative is not looking for a short-term approach, but an inclusive one.

The stage 1 of the Max Out event will hold on two different days: 8th of August, 2021, for women of color living in Nigeria and 15th of August 2021, for women of color in diaspora. The intent of the Max Out event for women in diaspora is to build confidence about investing in Nigerian businesses.

Olori Boye-Ajayi, speaking on behalf of the other facilitators – Inya Lawal, President, Ascend Studios Foundation; Tomie Balogun, Financial Educator & Investor; Sanmi Adegoke, CEO, Rehoboth Property International; Olayinka Anthony, CEO, CoWorthy Capital; and Tobi Arayomi, Financial Investor & CEO, Q plus says that, “The WINHER initiative is a 2-year project in 4 stages that will have technical and knowledge partners in order to win more women,” with a goal of reaching 30,000 women by 2025.

Tomie Balogun explains that financial education goes beyond literacy, but also teaching women how to earn. According to her, there is a clear gap for women in terms of financial literacy and investment, and this is one of the reasons why Twelve has come on board as a knowledge and technical partner for the WINHER initiative.

Mr. Sanmi Adegoke highlighted that Rehoboth will be focusing on educating the black community on property investment and how to own a property in the UK.

Mr. Oluwafemi Fayewa, Vice President Cersei Partners and one of the panelists emphasized on the intentionality of the inclusion of women in investment opportunities.

The Honorable Trade and Investment Commissioner of Vanautu to South Africa and The Federal Republic of Nigeria, Commissioner Olufemi Badejo, who is also one of the project partners, speaking on the importance of the WINHER initiative says, “If you educate the girl child, you educate the whole community”, which he would like to achieve through this partnership.

Ada Chintua, the Programs Development & Partnerships Officer, OBA Inc. and the Special Adviser to the Olori Boye-Ajayi, President Borderless Trade Network, noted that the WINHER initiative also seeks to close the funding gap that women experience and get them sensitized and educated about investment.

The WINHER Initiative is targeting women of color between the ages of 21-45 because research has shown that the investment opportunity networks for women is low.

Register for free to attend stage 1

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Clooper Is LandlordZONE’s Official Property Management Platform Partner

Clooper is LandlordZONE’s Official Property Management Platform! This just made DIY lettings and property management easier!

To celebrate this partnership, Clooper offers LandlordZONE readers a 30-day free trial using the code CLLZ0001, which expires on September 30th, 2021 and includes free rent processing and free property advertising and more. Additionally, for those who sign up for an annual plan – you will also get a free exclusive Clooper t-shirt!

Property management can be time-consuming and inconvenient. Clooper streamlines the process by connecting landlords to tenants, and tradespeople. With a wide range of cost-effective solutions, the self-service online platform saves you time and money. You retain control by accessing everything in one place.

Clooper makes it easier to connect with all the relevant property stakeholders if you own a property or are looking to rent one. You can use digital signatures to manage legal documents, receive secure online deposits and rent payments, and also receive timely notifications. In addition, stay compliant with statutory obligations and manage your income and expenditure. As a result, you’ll have healthier relationships and more free time.

Clooper is a cost-effective platform for advertising your property, finding the right tenant, and managing maintenance and repairs. The platform facilitates direct communication between landlords, tenants, and trusted tradespeople. You can schedule viewings, screen potential tenants, manage tenancy applications, connect with local tradespeople, arrange repairs and more.

Clooper charges landlords from only £9.49 per month per property (large portfolio landlords can discuss rates).

Clooper connects landlords to local tradespeople, allowing them to easily sort out all of their maintenance needs. Clooper offers tradespeople a platform to network, grow their business, and reputation with a personalised business page that increases their visibility and credibility at no cost. They can provide estimates for upcoming projects, set up appointments, and accept secure payments.

With access to a variety of property listings, tenants can now save time and rent a property faster and easier. They can source repair quotations or submit maintenance requests directly to the landlord for approval without picking up the phone.

Chief Executive Officer/ Founder, Toks Adebiyi, said “As Clooper is an all in one letting and management platform that was created by progressive landlords for landlords, I am delighted to partner with LandlordZone which I feel is the best forum for landlords out there. It’s a natural partnership and I believe our synergies will continuously help us deliver a better service to landlords”.

Paul Shamplina, Chief Commercial Officer of LandlordZONE and the wider HF family says, “We are delighted that Clooper has become our partners at LandlordZONE as our official property management platform. A platform that saves landlords time, money, keeps them your date with their property and can make them compliant is a great benefit to landlords.”

Save time and stay in control with an all-in-one platform that is easy to use.


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Project WINHER 2021: Introducing the Speakers

In a bid to highlight and tackle the investment gaps and increase ways t0 expose women of color in Nigeria and the UK to digital money and wealth creation opportunities, increasing the number of women actively thriving in the global investment market, join Olori Boye-Ajayi and other industry thought leaders and well-versed brilliant minds – Olayinka Anthony, Sanmi Adegoke, Tomie Balogun and Tobi Arayomi –  on 8th August (Nigerian audience) and 15th August 2021 (Diasporan audience) at 6:30 PM in a discussion about investment opportunities for women and financial literacy.

The importance of inclusion will, through this project, be emphasized while also showing how trade & investment go hand in hand, with the Borderless Trade Network of OBA Inc. being the trade hub and Project WINHER, the investment hub.

Olori Boye-Ajayi is an International Trade Consultant, and staunch advocate for the development and empowerment of female entrepreneurs. 3 words best describe Olori’s mission – “Africa Trade Reform”. Olori’s devotion to excellence through the growth of the African economic ecosystem and advocacy for women entrepreneurs has been repeatedly recognized. She was recently appointed to run Project “WINHer”, a gender-inclusion investment program on behalf of the office of the Commissioner of Trade and Investment of Vanuatu to Nigeria and South Africa. Following her successful projects to increase the participation of Women in intra-African Trade, she was appointed an Afreximbank MANSA Ambassador to drive the inclusion of African SMEs in the global trade scene.

She is the winner of The Entrepreneur Africa Awards for the ‘Outstanding Female Entrepreneur of the Year 2020’. In the same year, she was recognized as ‘Leader and Mentor’ for her role in the successful leadership and mentoring programs in Lagos state public schools for girls by the US Consulate General Public Affairs office, Lagos Nigeria.

She currently serves as the President of The Borderless Trade Network, with offices in Lagos, Accra, Monrovia, and most recently the United Kingdom. With an esteemed community of over 800 women in business across several sectors, BTN has become an official partner for the prestigious White House initiative – Academy for Women Entrepreneurs (AWE).

Olayinka Anthony is the CEO of CoWorthy Capital, an Investment and Wealth Management Organization that help people create, manage and preserve wealth. CoWorthy Capital specializes in matching people at different levels of their financial journeys with good viable investments.

As a Wealth Manager and Financial Educator, Olayinka strongly believes that financial education should be included in the school curriculum as there is a big gap in mainstream education and financial literacy.

Tobi Arayomi is a speaker, author, financial investor, renowned wealth spinner, and CEO of The Qplus, the total marketplace for home-based entrepreneurship.

Tomie Balogun is a leading expert in investment with excellent competence in helping young working professionals build wealth. By breaking down complex financial terms into easy and relatable terms, Tomie has helped many build investment portfolios seamlessly.

Tomie is the current CEO of Twelve, a Fin-Tech company that provides a platform for online communities of millennial investors in Africa to discuss investment opportunities openly with friends, find new connections, and make investment decisions all in one place.

Sanmi Adegoke is the Founder/CEO of Rehoboth Property International, a leading real estate development and investment firm that provides in-depth and comprehensive advice on all aspects of leasing, sales, asset management, development, and investments.

Sanmi’s professional and relentless approach to finding deals, his dedication to meet client’s needs, knowledge of the market, and expert negotiation skills have won him loyalty and trust amongst his clients and colleagues in the industry.

This project is proudly supported by the Office of the Honorable Commissioner of Trade and Investment to Vanuatu to Nigeria and South Africa; sponsored by Cersei Partners and OBA Inc.

Click here to register to attend.

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U.S. Consulate Announces Application for 2021 Academy for Women Entrepreneurs (AWE)

Lagos — The U.S. Consulate General in Lagos and Ascend Studios Foundation have partnered to implement the 2021 Academy for Women Entrepreneurs (AWE), a U.S. Government initiative that supports women entrepreneurs around the world, now in its third year.

200 participants will be selected from the 17 states of southern Nigeria for the 2021 cohort. To support the comprehensive rehabilitation and reintegration of returned migrants, 50 female returnees will also take part in the program. As part of this highly competitive entrepreneurship program, participants who graduate from the AWE gain automatic membership to the U.S. government exchange alumni community, providing access to a vast network of like-minded and highly regarded professionals across the country.

Women’s meaningful economic participation is integral to achieving greater security and stability around the world. The AWE initiative is a great opportunity for Nigerian women entrepreneurs to gain university-level business and management training, strengthen their networks, and grow sustainable businesses.

Women have a key role to play in Nigeria’s future prosperity,” U.S. Consulate Public Affairs Officer Stephen Ibelli said. “As we have seen time and time again when women do better, countries do better, communities do better, and families do better.”

Leading local business leaders will help facilitate the intensive program scheduled to run from July to September 2021. In addition, participants will receive access to DreamBuilder, a blended business training course developed through a partnership between Arizona State University’s Thunderbird School of Global Management and global copper mining company Freeport-McMoRan.

Chief Executive Officer of Ascend Studios Foundation, Ms. Inya Lawal, said “We are delighted that the U.S. Consulate General in Lagos has partnered with us to implement this program, the largest yet. AWE is a transformative initiative that is helping women in Nigeria build and sustain their businesses; the opportunities that come from this program are immense.”

Female entrepreneurs interested in participating in the AWE program can apply at no cost by filling out the application form via

The application portal is now open and closes on July 15, 2021.

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Borderless Trade Network Presents Project WINHER 2021

It is no longer news that several MSMEs and early-stage ventures had to wade through strong currents when the pandemic hit. However, while its impact was felt globally, the effect was not the same for everyone.

It’s no exaggeration to say that that businesses owned by women, especially those of color were severely devastated in the wake of the Covid-19 rife. A World Bank survey conducted in May 2020, assessing over 26,000 business owners and managers in over 50 countries with an active Facebook Business Page, revealed that about 43% of female-owned MSMEs were more severely affected than 34% of the male-owned business counterparts who were also affected.

With an imbalance that was too glaring to ignore, OBA Inc. in February 2021, held its first Borderless Trade Women in Business Salon Series which was targeted at realizing the global impact of raising women who are well-grounded in trade, business, and investment, as well as utilizing the AfCFTA protocols to their favor. Sensitizing women on the possibilities of international trade and integrating actionable systems that can take their business beyond the borders of the current location or even continent.

Piggybacking off the success of our Saloon series, OBA Inc. presents project WINHER; A 4-stage investment education, financial inclusion, and wealth creation project for women of color.

Project WIN (Women in Investment) HER introduces its maiden edition which will focus on exposing women of color in Nigeria and the UK, to digital money and wealth creation opportunities, increasing the number of women actively thriving in the global investment market.

Olori Boye-Ajayi, speaking on behalf of the other facilitators – Inya Lawal, President, Ascend Studios Foundation; Tomie Balogun, Financial Educator & Investor; Sanmi Adegoke, CEO, Rehoboth Property International; Olayinka Anthony, CEO, CoWorthy Capital; and Tobi Arayomi, Financial Investor & CEO, Q plus— says, “We believe that the women who participate in this project will gain a high level of financial literacy that will demystify the subject of investment and enable them to recognize high ROI opportunities.”

The importance of inclusion will, through this project, be emphasized while also showing how trade & investment go hand in hand, with the Borderless Trade Network of OBA Inc. being the trade hub and Project WINHER, the investment hub.

Project WINHER is set to hold on Sunday, 8th August 2021, and Sunday 15th August 2021 by 6:30 pm WAT.

This project is proudly supported by the Office of the Honorable Commissioner of Trade and Investment to Vanuatu to Nigeria and South Africa; sponsored by Cersei Partners and OBA Inc.

Click here to register to attend.

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The Luxury Network Nigeria Learning & Development Programme: Introducing the Speakers

To discuss the intricacies of what luxury entails, join the speakers – Cas Ojo, Eleanor Turner, Ayo Adeyinka, Veronica Ebie, Juan Perez, Heidi Mallace, and Viscount Yves De Contades in a Zoom webinar on the 24th June 2021 at 11 AM

Cas is a seasoned professional in the luxury industry, with vast knowledge of the consumer goods, hospitality, and financial sectors. She has extensive experience facilitating collaborations with global brands such as Porsche, Harrods, Visa, the Financial Times, Roja Parfums, Moet Hennessy, Bvlgari Hotel London, Bicester Village, and more. Her in-depth knowledge, passion, and varied experience of the industry, combined with an innate high level of creativity and strong entrepreneurial skills, have honed her expertise in the field of luxury affinity marketing.

With over ten years of entrepreneurial experience, Cas is also the founder of an international luxury shopping concierge company, MyStyleWindow, based in London, England, where she has grown an impressive clientele of high-net-worth individuals in Nigeria, and organizations including UBA and Fidelity Bank, Visa Infinite, Business Day, The Wheatbaker Hotel, Montaigne Place, The Wells Carlton Hotel, Capital Club, Seattle Residences and Spa. Prior to this, she worked in Accounting and Finance with a number of high-profile companies across Central London, including Hotel Cafe Royal, Harvey Nichols, and Natwest plc

Ellie is a speaker, events specialist and luxury brand consultant having built her career within luxury hospitality and events.

As Head of Events at Bvlgari Hotel London, she’s responsible for developing the hotel’s event sales strategy and managing the day-to-day organization of the team including overseeing all events at the hotel. From intimate social events to product launches for over 1000 guests, she has over a decade of experience in events having also spent time as a freelance wedding planner. 

Prior to this, Ellie worked in marketing and business development after studying French with Business Management at King’s College London, where she also had the opportunity to study at both La Sorbonne, Paris, and Martinique.

Yves de Contades is the CEO of The eXcellence Group, a luxury marketing & media company aimed at high net worth, with a unique network consisting of luxury brands and an international high net worth audience. 

A renowned expert in the luxury industry for over 25 years, Yves was a celebrated fashion photographer in Paris, New York, and London, then a luxury brand expert and entrepreneur in the luxury sector. Yves featured for five years in Channel 4’s “Ten Years Younger” TV Series alongside Paula Reed, fashion editor of the Sunday Times. Also working with Caryn Franklin in the Debenhams videos.

The eXcellence Group has a long-standing relationship with the UK and world media and specializes in luxury brands, travel, luxury villas, watches, jewelry, cars, and yachts. 

In his rare spare time, Yves is an avid reader of technology, history, psychology, thought, and culture and loves swimming in the Indian Ocean, cross country cycling, diving, surfing, and touring in luxury cars.

Veronica is a luxury Retail Consultant and international stylist born and raised in Houston Texas, the USA with a ten-year background in high fashion runway modeling, print, and commercial and Spokes-modelling. After relocating to Nigeria in 2010, she worked as a style correspondent and cover stylist for ThisDay Style and established the brand Vanestyle – a fashion and style agency that offers commercial and personal styling, alongside shopping services.

From red carpets to music videos and more, Veronica boasts a strong client list of high-profile Nigerian celebrities including Genevieve Nnaji, Mo Abudu, Omotola Stephanie Coker, Funke Adepoju, Fashpa Odion Mimonet. She has also worked on a plethora of projects such as Elite Model Look Nigeria, GTBank NdaniTV, MTN Lagos Fashion and Design Week, Ebonylife TV‘s Moments with Mo, Jara, Studio 53 Extra, Vanity Fair Italia, Mania Magazine, ThisDay Style, and more.

Ayo Adeyinka is a London-based art dealer and gallerist. Originally an accountant, with a 10-yr background in financial services, Ayo Adeyinka has since gained recognition as a specialist in modern and contemporary African arts. He is a seasoned cultural entrepreneur and has acted as a consultant for key contemporary art projects. He helped to launch Africa Now, Bonham’s contemporary African art sale in 2009, he has worked on other noteworthy gallery and curatorial projects and continues to advise on several collections focused in this area globally. 

Since founding TAFETA, the gallery has remained a leading purveyor of important 20th-century artists of African descent, whilst constantly showcasing new contemporary talent. The central London gallery continues to place works from established and emerging artists with important private collections, as well as established institutions such as the Smithsonian National Museum of African Arts in Washington, D.C.  The gallery has also gone on to be recognized as a leading force in the contemporary African art space, showcasing in the prestigious European Fine Art Fair (TEFAF) in March 2020.

Juan Perez is a global affinity marketing expert with over 8years of experience creating hundreds of business development activities for many of the world’s most luxury brands. He is renowned for creating top-end strategic alliances and orchestrating successful collaborations with brands such as Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, Bentley, McLaren, Prada, Panerai, The Macallan, ExecuJet Aviation, Serenia, Saxo Bank, Palma Holding, Royal Jet Group, Huriya Private, Rif Trust, Tiffany & Co, Mangusta Yachts, XXII Carat, Luxhabitat, Palacio Versace, Emaar Hospitality Group, Hakkasan, Platinum Auction and many more.

Heidi Mallace is a reputation, brand, and communication coach and adviser with over 20 years in the industry. She has worked with prestigious brands such as Floris London, Chanel Jewellery, Holland and Holland and Asprey, and many luxury hotels including Ritz Carlton, W, Bvlgari, and boutique cruise ships. She has advised high profile and high net worth individuals and multinational organizations on branding and communication, to engage audiences and build brands.

Heidi began her career at Brunswick before joining a strategic communications consultancy called Project Associates. She then headed up Special Projects and the London office for, a Silicon Valley-founded company that pioneered the online reputation management industry.

The upcoming programme will seek to explore the 360-dimension of what luxury is and the know-how to advance into the global marketplace. 

To attend, please click here.

The Luxury Network is interested to hear from companies who wish to explore bold and innovative partnership strategies in the Nigerian and UK market. Please get in touch.