The Luxury Network Nigeria, a foremost luxury affinity group with the objective of creating beneficial business partnerships amongst premium luxury brands and facilitating their joint marketing activities has again onboarded a new member – Affinity Art Gallery (AAG) making her the 5th brand to join the affinity group this year.

Opened in 2020, Affinity Art Gallery is an ultra-modern Art Gallery located at 1-7 Muri Okunola Street, Victoria Island, Lagos State. Through diverse exhibitions, educational programs, institutional collaborations, and representation of emerging artists, Affinity Art Gallery intends to play a role in the support and advancement of Modern and Contemporary African art.

Speaking on why it is important to become a member of The Luxury Network Nigeria, Affinity Art Gallery Manager, Mrs. Moni Aisida asserted that, “Affinity Art Gallery is committed to providing a platform that will not only spotlight the work of its artists but to also amplify their work’s visibility and aid accessibility to local and global audiences.” She went further, “we are excited for the opportunities and strategic collaborations ahead that would be beneficial for the network and for the gallery which will help us fulfil our vision ultimately.”

The gallery functions as a beacon to educate and preserve Africa’s rich and diverse culture in a bid to inspire the next generation of young Africans.

“On behalf of the Luxury Network Nigeria, we are delighted to have Affinity Art Gallery join as a member. This is the first gallery in Nigeria to be onboarded and we are excited for the future of Arts and Luxury in Nigeria and Africa as a whole” said the Managing Director of The Luxury Network Nigeria, Mr. Samuel-Abiola Jacobs in his address about the new membership.

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