Did you know that the survival and growth of your business are critical to the economic development of your home, community, and Nigeria? You might think you are running it to provide for your family, but you are in one way adding value to the country, creating jobs and building families. 

It’s time to take action to grow your business. 

The ELOY Foundation Business Shower is a one-stop-shop for all you need to know about starting and running your business. The team of experts will offer training, mentorship, advice, and much more to ensure that you are successful in your venture. 

During the event, participants will get a welcome goody bag and refreshments. 

To qualify for the ELOY Business grant and or the single-digit loan from FirstBank, send your video pitch (max 2mins) talking about your business and why you need the money. Send the link to download the video along with your business plan to The video can be sent via or uploaded onto Google Docs.

There are gifts for all business owners and special gifts for people who come with their tribe of 5 business owners or more. It is time to support one another to grow. 

Reserve your spot if you haven’t already. You can also share the registration link with your friends in business. Once registered, more information will be sent to you.

The ELOY Foundation team is looking forward to working with you to grow your business. 

Do not hesitate to contact us via email at if more information is required.

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