SGTC Clothing is a contemporary Afrocentric, ready-to-wear fashion brand that celebrates women of all shapes and sizes. We believe diversity in womanhood is a major ingredient to their beauty and it’s also one of the various factors that makes them powerful and special. To stay true to diversity, we ensure we don’t repeat prints used for our garments. This encourages exclusivity as well as the availability of options.

With over 150 designs under our belt, we are consistently thinking of ways to improve, stay fresh, keep our clients pleased and satisfied. Our journey has been that of intense hard work and firm consistency. We have expanded exponentially, from a little business to daily delivering to clients globally. From a little tribe to building a culture of presenting our African prints especially Ankara in a unique way hundreds of people globally want to be a part of.

It’s been an exciting 2 years of creating quality and Uber stylish pieces. We would like you to join us as we celebrate our 2 years anniversary. In honour of that, we will be having a fashion party and a give back with Workshop featuring industry experts and lots of giveaways

We thank you for being a part of our tribe and embracing our culture. We look forward to several amazing years, keeping smiles on the faces of our clients and making them look stylish and proud in their #Sgtcclothing pieces.

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