Revolutionizing Creativity, Technology, and Innovation: Global Tech Africa (GTA) and Africa Creative Market (ACM) Announce Strategic Collaboration

In a partnership set to redefine the landscape of creativity, technology, and innovation, Global Tech Africa (GTA) and Africa Creative Market (ACM) are pleased to announce their strategic alliance with eminent organizations: the Herbert Onyewumbu Wigwe (HOW) Foundation, Wigwe University, the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA), the Ascend Studios Foundation, and Future Map Africa.

L-R: Dr Inya Lawal, Founder of Ascend Studios Foundation & Implementation Partner of Global Tech Africa; Mallam Kashifu Inuwa Abdullahi, Director-General of NITDA; Dr. Herbert Wigwe, Founder of Herbert Onyewumbu Wigwe Foundation & Wigwe University; Mr Ahmad Shuaibu, Executive Trustee of FutureMap Foundation; Dr Aminu Lawal, Special Adviser to Director General of NITDA on Digital Transformation.

Dr. Herbert Wigwe, Founder of HOW Foundation and Wigwe University, outlined his vision during a press conference, underscoring the training of 30,000 individuals in animation, robotics, and related fields over three years in collaboration with GTA. He stated, “We recognize the pivotal role of technology education, especially for the talented young individuals within our creative sector. Our upcoming summit and technology conference, in collaboration with NITDA and Ascend Studios, will serve as catalysts for collaboration, knowledge sharing, and best practices. This endeavor will propel the creative industry within Nigeria and resonate across the entire continent.”

The HOW Foundation, dedicated to youth empowerment and education, emphasizes the pivotal role of technical education in nurturing creative talent. The partnership seeks to facilitate industry collaboration, knowledge sharing, and best practices, setting the stage for a technology revolution in Nigeria and beyond. The initiative aims to transform creative individuals into leaders, unlock the economic potential of Nigeria and Africa, and garner international recognition.

In light of the untapped potential, this collaboration marks the inception of a technology revolution in Nigeria and beyond, fueled by the belief that Nigeria’s people deserve nothing less than excellence. Comprehensive training, leadership development, and commercialization opportunities will nurture a generation of thoughtful, responsible leaders through Wigwe University. The vision extends beyond borders, with the aspiration to train millions of Nigerians, offering them the right platform and exposure to energize the youth, refine the skills of creative minds, and attract international recognition. Together, they are not just building a future; they are igniting a movement.

Kashifu Inuwa Abdullahi, Director-General of NITDA, shared ambitious plans in collaboration with the Ministry of Communication to train 3 million Nigerians across 36 states in the next four years, emphasizing innovation, entrepreneurship, and local investments. ‘‘GTA, as a platform, aligns with NITDA’s goals by promoting trade acceleration, networking opportunities, and international visibility. This collaboration aims to harness talent for economic impact, foster innovation, create jobs, and export technology abroad,’’ he said.

Dr. Inya Lawal, the founder of Ascend Studios Foundation and GTA’s implementation partner, expressed her gratitude for the collaboration, highlighting the revolutionary impact of the partnership. She stated, ‘‘The involvement of academia, government, and development sectors signifies a transformative initiative. With the Ascend Studios Foundation also on board, the collaboration ensures comprehensive support, driving positive changes in Nigeria’s creative and technology ecosystem.’’

Mr Ahmad Shuaibu, Executive Trustee, FutureMap Foundation, reiterated the organization’s commitment to leveraging technological innovation for economic growth and sustainable communities. He stated that with the support of NITDA, HOW Foundation, Ascend Studios, and others, Future Map Africa aims to advocate for resources, identify industry talents, and nurture the next generation of creative leaders through GTA.

This collaborative effort represents a significant step forward in reshaping Nigeria’s creative and technology landscape. Global Tech Africa (GTA) and Africa Creative Market (ACM), along with their esteemed partners, are dedicated to building a thriving ecosystem, driving economic growth, and fostering innovation across Africa.

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