Exclusive Discussion: MatchesFashion in Collaboration with Adeola Bali.

Adeola Bali in a collaborative live virtual discussion with Natalie Kingham, Global Fashion Officer, MatchesFashion will be talking about the power of dressing and some of the iconic pieces of the season, as well as Summer/Spring 2021 exclusives. This event is highly exclusive with few selected attendees from the fashion industry. 

MatchesFashion is a London-based luxury clothing retailer that operates online and via different stores in London.

Adeola Bali is the CEO of ESG,  a company that supports female-led businesses through advisory services, mentoring, access to finance, financial management & planning across several sectors from financial services to aviation, media, oil and gas and telecoms.  She is also the Chairman of Haute Fashion Africa, an online platform showcasing African designers to the world.  

She brings her experience and versatility to the world of fashion, supporting budding designers all over the world by mentoring, collaborating, and challenging their creative design, business plans, and growth!

Exclusive invites will be shared with select participants to attend this session happening on the 1st June 2021.

For more info contact us on yd@yettyd.com.

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