THE AFRICAN TRADE ROUNDTABLE: ”Developing the Interior Design Trade and Services Market through the AFCFTA”

The roundtable featured high-level discussions with senior representatives and industry stakeholders, such as interior designers, furniture manufacturers, retailers, and suppliers, to discuss the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) agreement. The AfCFTA is the African Union’s framework to establish a single continental market for goods and services with the free movement of capital and business travelers. AfCFTA presents a chance to defragment the African market, thus enhancing competitiveness and serving as a vehicle to support the achievement of the SDGs.

The forum was a platform for learning, debating, and identifying collaborative solutions to the current challenges in the furniture, fixtures, and design ecosystem and to further encourage intra-Africa trade.

The AfCFTA is expected to eliminate up to 90% of tariffs and allow free movement of labor, thus, advancing Africa’s industrialization and enhancing the overall economies of scale of the countries involved. However, it is evident that the objectives of the AfCFTA will not be achieved in the absence of structural and systemic assimilation of the goals and rules of the regime.

Furthermore, the implementation of the AfCFTA will undoubtedly lead to cross-border disputes between states, businesses, and service providers. It has been argued that given the significant divergence in the approaches to the subject of international commercial law in Africa coupled with the complex political economy surrounding it, the idea of a common market can only materialize if certain concrete interventions are made in response to the new framework of the AfCFTA. Against this backdrop, Design Week Lagos, in collaboration with the African Continental Free Trade Area.

Secretariat organized the African Trade Roundtable under the theme – “Developing the Interior Design Trade and Services Market through the AfCFTA”. The roundtable brought together intra-African trade experts, government officials, international trade and commercial law experts, policymakers, scholars, etc., from across the continent to discuss the pertinent issues arising out of the implementation of the AfCFTA.


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