Cozy Concept.

 Hi Everyone!!!!  I’m back. Remember my post last week about how I will be writing about our client’s account page i handle on a weekly basis? YES! I spoke about The HOW FOUNDATION last week and this week, ill be talking about Cozy Concept Furniture Store.

Cozy concept is a lifestyle funiture store in Lekki, Lagos. The store prides itself in stocking quality furniture which comes from the best of locally supplied wood, all furniture pieces in the store are Made in Nigeria. They also introduced the luxury of DO-IT-YOURSELF (DIY), this way you can assemble the furniture by yourself without the help of an expert.

The idea of DIY came as a result of absence for such lucrative innovation in the country. For the ease of purchase, the furniture is packaged as flat-pack, with a technical guide for users to fix it themselves. Some are also convertible for user’s comfort. A piece of furniture could have some packs added together, dismantled or readjusted to get another piece, AMAZING RIGHT?…… Here are some images of the beautiful pieces available and to see more, visit their online store at –

Cozy Concept has stepped in as a solution provider to furniture challenges in nigeria and west africa, trying to cut down on excess expenses on shipping pieces into nigeria and accomodating the necessary lifestyle in a home.

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