The time to act is now – YD

Dear Friends,

A lot has been going on lately, much more of things that we do not like. This has even led to the outburst by the youths in a protest. We have come out in protest to demand a change in our nation. It is very disheartening that it had to get to this point for some changes to be seen. 

I write to you today in solidarity with the demands for change in Nigeria, regarding police brutality, endemic corruption and oppression. As a PR firm run and managed by young people, we stand with the activists currently fighting for Nigeria’s future, including members of our team, who have joined the movement.

We are proud of the #7For7 demands issued by #EndSARS protesters yesterday, calling for reforms across institutions, education, governance and more – and we are grateful to the men and women mobilising this across the country, risking their safety, to ensure this becomes a reality.

I just want to say hello as your dearest friend, to be sure that you are safe and are still keeping safe. The pandemic is still out there friends. When going out to join in the protest do not forget to go with a face mask, pocket-sized hand sanitizer, a face cap and flat shoes or sandals. Always stay in the midst of people so that you’ll be conscious of the way things are going around you. Remember that this is a protest, not a party. We are going to continue to fight for our rights so we can party again. 

I am honoured to be able to play a small part in this movement that has the potential to right decades of wrongs in our nation.

I thank you as always for your support and your belief in YD. Stay safe, and keep up the good work – #7for7 #EndSARS #NewNigeria.

Your Dearest,

Yetty Ogunnubi


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