The Luxury Network Nigeria Learning & Development Programme Session I: What is Luxury?

The Luxury Network Nigeria is pleased to announce the first session of a much-anticipated Learning & Development Programme, following a successful launch event in May. The L&D programme has been created to facilitate high-level training by international industry experts, and guest speakers from some of the world’s most prestigious luxury companies, for luxury brands in the Nigerian luxury industry. The programme is designed to provide unique insight into renowned brands, places, and people that embody heritage, legacy, and innovation on the global luxury stage. 

The upcoming session titled “What is Luxury?” will take place at 11 am on the 24th June 2021 via Zoom webinar. The panel has been selected from a broad spectrum of backgrounds ranging from hospitality to lifestyle, marketing and communication, art, style, and more, to deliver a multi-dimensional view of the luxury universe.

Cas Ojo, Managing Director, The Luxury Network Nigeria, will host the panel, alongside Eleanor Turner, Head of Events, Bvlgari, the co-host. They will be joined by other guest speakers namely; Viscount Yves De Contades, Veronica Ebie, Ayo Adeyinka, Juan Perez, and Heidi Mallace. This insightful programme promises to provide in-depth. knowledge, insight, and know-how from the world’s leading brands, tailored to Nigerian luxury brands.

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