The Ark Coaching Company presents… The 1% Club

The Ark Coaching Company presents…   The 1% Club 
The Ark Coaching Company is set to begin one of its exclusive coaching programs, the 1% Club. The 1% Club is the game-changer that allows participants to bring about desired changes in life and business through a process that is tested and true. Participants who join the club know and realize that there is more to them, they are capable of much more than what they are currently experiencing, with the 1% programming and support they break through to exponential results
Success is essentially the journey to the mastery of YOU. The 1% Club was created to help participants on the journey of that MASTERY.  

The coaching sessions are intense, there are books to be read, case studies are analyzed, practical projects are carried out and reports are submitted, mastermind groupings. All of these help the members become responsible and accountable on their journey.

In the 1% club, individuals are urged to own their results, as the coaches help guide and show them the best way to live their best possible lives.
Programs in The 1% Club The 1% Club’s multi-level coaching programming has something for you no matter where you are on the journey to the Mastery of YOU.The PathFinders
The Pathfinders Program is a foundational mind reset course. The objective of this level is to help members achieve a mental shift, clarity on where they are and new success habits. Participants are helped to unbundle, unpack and really see the damage caused by foundational beliefs that may actually be the reason why the results they are getting are not the best nor optimal.
The Pathfinders course is a 5 – week duration program with four main sessions and at least one bonus session. 

Pacesetters Program
This level looks at the entrepreneurial mind and journey. Program participants will be exposed to entrepreneurial foundations, the pillars of business planning, strategy & administration and the spirituality & business mix.

The 8 weeks Pacesetters program gives you the foundational blueprint for building an empire. Participants leave with a renewed desire for and clarity about entrepreneurship and they also get to understand what it takes to build businesses that have the capacity to be generational.
Empire Builders Program
Participants are challenged to build great businesses and live great lives.  The Empire Builders program involves more high-level thinking, high-level impact, high-level discussions that go into C-Suite Dynamics, strategy and execution, Negotiation, International business practices. Empire Builders move from good to great in life and business.The program is for CEOS and senior executives, owners of businesses that want to enter new levels and markets.We do require that participants have taken our Pacesetters program or its equivalent to qualify.
 The Ark Coaching Company (also known as TACC or The Ark) is a global company that was created to help individuals discover a higher version of themselves and launch out into their best life possible. TACC has made this dream possible for hundreds of people from across five countries using its multi-level coaching programs. Our core values at TACC is on human potential and enablement that allows participants in our programs to rise above their present occasion and change the narrative about themselves, their environment, and the world at large. We often like to say, “Once you step into the Ark, you can’t leave the same.”

Our Motto: You deserve a better life, live it now!

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