Ever heard of bucket list? Its simply a list of things you plan to do before you die and originates from the popular idiomatic expression “kicked the bucket”.

Wish list on the other hand is a compilation or an itemization of desires but instead, you want people to do/buy them for you. The list’s author distributes copies to family, friends, and other stakeholders who are likely to purchase gifts you.

The goal of a bucket list is to dare yourself to do things you are afraid of  and want to challenge. While the goal of a wish list is to facilitate communication between the people buying you a gift or to stock up your needs through others.

The beauty of the wish list is, you can do it for as many times as possible especially around your birthday or Christmas.

Bucket lists are mostly a once in a lifetime plans. Most people arrive at making a bucket list when they want to die and don’t want to regret not doing things they cherish.

But why wait till when you’re diagnosed with a terminal illness before attempting to do things you desire and engage in a challenge that will scare you to the bones? You can make that bucket list a wish list by not only going it alone but invite or inspire friends and family and even followers to be part of your dream and challenge.

Live life to the end knowing you did everything you loved with no regrets. Take on our Monday Motivation Challenge to do whatever you think is impossible like starting that business, writing that book, going on that adventure and more because life is too short to plan forever, sometimes you need to take that leap of faith. #mondaymotivationchallenge #ydagency #leapoffaith

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