Borderless Trade Author Launches 2 million Naira Investment Fund at the Book Launch.

Borderless Trade Author Launches 2 million Naira Investment Fund at the Book Launch.

On Friday, September 4, 2020, Olori Boye-Ajayi officially launched her book ‘Borderless Trade’. Aside from the book launch, she also launched the Export Community Group and the Borderless Trade Impact Investment Fund. The Export Community Group was set up to help guide entrepreneurs who are set to venture into exporting, while the 2 million Naira Borderless Trade Impact Investment Fund was set up in partnership with O.B.A and Viniko Group to help support SMEs looking to expand their export businesses or start the business of exporting.

Due to the Covid-19 crowd restriction, the book launch was a virtual one and was viewed live on Youtube and Zoom, with few invited guests at the venue.

Babatunde Faleke (Deputy Director, Corporate Services, Nigerian ExportPromotion Council, NEPC) gave the keynote speech, where he spoke extensively no the dangers of not exporting, according to him, “The danger of not exporting is that we will be a nation that just consumes everything”. The second speaker, Kola Awe (CEOXPT Logistics and Chairman NACCIMMA Export group) spoke extensively about the Export industry while advising business owners, he said “Don’t wait for the competition to push you out of the country before you think of exporting”, then Chinwe Egwim (Economist, Corporate Executive and Author) discussed the topic, “Borderless Trade: The Economist’s perspective”, she challenged entrepreneurs, saying, “Diversify your revenue source by plugging into an export value chain”.

During her speech, Olori Boye-Ajayi had this to say “I have written this book because I believe it is time for small businesses to wake up, think differently and package their products and services to the global market. No one will build your business for you, it’s in your hand”. The Author, Olori Boye-Ajayi, is an experienced Business Strategist and Export TradingConsultant. She is currently the Founder and Chief Operating Officer at The Katie WangCompany, a growing global fashion trading company with operations in the U.K., Europe, Australia and the US.

The book, “Borderless Trade: A Step by Step Guide to Exporting Your Product” is a guide that has been tailored to small businesses which may not have the resources or the capacity to approach exporting in the same way a larger business might. This guide will assist budding export merchants to prepare and build capacity for the export journey.

The Borderless Trade book is available in major online and physical bookshops.

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