EVI Coating Nigeria| Thickness Stucco Paint

At Evi Vernici we develop innovative quality products and cost-effective coating systems that require equally substantial investments in research and development. We supply industries and consumers around the globe with innovative products and we are passionate about developing solutions for our customers.

Over the years, we have delivered top-notch range of products which include our Thickness Stucco, Anti-Mosquito, Pitone, Patino, Cocodrillo and many other astounding coats.

The perks of using Evi Vernici’s Thickness Stucco
Thickness Stucco is a top of the line water-based finish that brings history to the present day era.it exhibits a finish very much akin to the historical concepts of the paintings and enhances a richness with a traditional look.

It creates a rough but appealing finish and can end up in a different pattern utilizing the imagination of an artist and the skill of the applicator.
We offer great and quality services, changing the ambience of your environment and enjoy the luxury of your money from services rendered.

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