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Highlights from The Lagos Leather Fair 2019.

We simply can’t get over the AMAZING SUCCESS that was this year’s Lagos Leather Fair, which took place last weekend. Feeling nostalgic? So are we!

Follow us as we journey back, and reflect on the highlights at LLF2019:

The Fair, themed “Advancing The Conversation”, kicked off with a private auction on Friday, September 6th, held at the Wheatbaker Hotel in Ikoyi. A mix of seasoned and up-and-coming leather designers were handpicked to showcase some of their exclusive pieces to key players in the industry.

The main event took place on Saturday & Sunday (September 7th & 8th) at The Harbour Point, Victoria Island. Both days were brimming with people, taking part in the conversations and workshops, and exploring and shopping at the myriad of designers’ stalls. Guests also experienced a series of amazing catwalk presentations featuring leather products from our very own exhibitors.

Day 1The event was officially opened by Mrs. Otuyalo the representative of the First Lady of Lagos State.

Throughout the day, we held three insightful conversations which spanned topics from copyright law and branding to money and business. Day 1 ended with a practical workshop on the ins and outs of using technology to build products.

DAY 2The exhibition continued on Day 2, with conversations, workshops and catwalk presentations running throughout the day. Once again, we had a series of local and international experts share their knowledge on design, sourcing, manufacturing, retail and storytelling, to name a few!
So there you have it! 3 days of exciting talent, enlightening conversations, networking and so much more! We had a blast and hope you did too!

We’re signing off for now, but don’t worry, you can catch us on  Instagram, Twitter and our website.

See you – bigger and better – in 2020!

The Lagos Leather Team.

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A big thank you to all our Sponsors, Partners, Speakers, Exhibitors and attendees for being part of #LLF2019.
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LLF2019 Day 1 Highlight

What an EXCITING day we had yesterday!

Were you able to make it to the event? As expected, it was truly one-of-a-kind!

From the opening by Her Excellency, First Lady of Lagos State (ably represented by Mrs. Otuyalo), to the exhibitions, conversations, and presentations, we had a swell time!

Don’t just take our word for it – have a look for yourselves on our Instagram page. For now, here are a few pictures from the event.

We have more exciting activities lined up for today, 8th September. Trust us, you don’t want to miss this!

Check out the schedule:

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With every edition of the Lagos Leather Fair, one of our overarching goals is to ensure that the Fair provides a truly holistic experience. In addition to the thrill of discovering new designers, and indulging in the excitement of shopping and runway presentations, Conversations and Workshops will create an opportunity for learning. These sessions equip designers, and other entrepreneurs across the creative industries with new ideas, new approaches, and best practices for navigating the complexities of their unique business environments.


This year, there are a dynamic and thrilling series of talks scheduled.

On Saturday, September 7:


1. Creativity and the Law: How to Protect your Design and your Brand

It’s one thing to put in the work that is required to produce high-quality work that helps you to create a memorable brand; it’s quite another to ensure that you retain ownership of it. In this conversation, Chinyere Okorocha (Partner, Jackson, Etti & Edu) and Annie Oti(Founder, Africa Fashion Lawdiscuss the importance of copyright and its application.


2. Talking Money: Understanding your Numbers to Access Capital

The importance of finance for achieving business goals and expanding one’s platform cannot be underestimated. More important than identifying the most effective potential sources of funding, is the approach — what you need, and how it will get you to where you need to be. Adenike Adeyemi (Executive Director, FATE Foundation) and Olutosin Oni(Principal: Investments and Portfolio Managements, EchoVC Partners) discuss.


3. Business Lessons: A Conversation with Mark Stephenson

Mark Stephenson is the Managing Director of Sandstorm Kenya — a Nairobi-based bag design, production and retail company which has been in existence for over 20 years. In this conversation, he discusses his journey, his story and the most critical lessons he’s learnt with Omoyemi Akerele (Convener, Lagos Fashion Week).


4. Leveraging Technology to Build a Better Brand

As the 4th Industrial Revolution beckons, understanding the confluence between technology and the work we produce is becoming increasingly critical to enabling brands to differentiate themselves from their contemporaries. Co-founder of Nigeria’s first Industrial Design school, Azuka Ijekeye, will lead this Workshop.

On Sunday, September 8:


5. The Art of Retail: Getting your Product to Market

Gaining brand visibility begins with understanding the consumer and how to reach them; this requires tailoring channel strategy approaches not only to the consumer, but also to the brand image you seek to create. In this conversation, Tara Fela-Durotoye (Founder, House of Tara International) and Diana Opoti (Founder, Designing Africa Collective, Kenya) discuss.


6. The Designer and their Brand: The Power of Storytelling

There is no way more beautiful to convey a story than through one’s art. In this discussion, four diverse, leading creatives — Femi Olayebi (Founder, FemiHandbags and convener ofthe Lagos Leather Fair); Thebe Ikalafeng (Founder and CEO, Brand Leadership Africa);Shem Paronelli (Designer and Creative Director ); and Kola Oshalusi (Creative Executive, Insigna Media Production) gather to discuss.


7. Leather-Crafting: An Insider’s Guide

This workshop session will lay out the finer details of creating quality leather products, in order to equip budding designers with a foundational understanding of the tools, skills, and best practices for charting a course in the leather manufacturing space. Obiora Ononye (Founder, Obi Leather) leads this workshop.

This year’s carefully-created selection of conversations and workshops promises to be enlightening and far too engaging to miss out on.
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Meet some of the brands Exhibiting at The Lagos Leather Fair 2019

Meet some of the brands Exhibiting at The Lagos Leather Fair 2019.

The Lagos Leather Fair is about the best thing that has happened to the Nigerian leather industry. The Fair was birthed out of the need to bring all the major players in the leather industry together under one roof to address the industry’s challenges as well as the way forward.

This year’s edition promises to be bigger than the first two editions combined and will feature a specially curated private investor showcase, exhibitions by leather designers and manufacturers, a great shopping experience, runway presentations, networking opportunities, and knowledge-sharing activities, amongst others. The 2019 edition of the Lagos Leather Fair, tagged #LLF2019, which will take place from Saturday, September 7 to Sunday, September 8, 2019 at The Harbour Point, Victoria Island, is themed: Advancing the Conversation.

It will play host to about 70 Nigerian leather designers and feature 5 topical Conversations, 2 Workshops and 6  Runway Presentations. This year will also showcase a few international designers.

Here we introduce to you the first set of exhibitors who will be showcasing their crafts.


Yili was founded with the hope of changing the narrative of producing and purchasing quality leather footwear in Africa. Their aim is to celebrate creativity and promote artisanal craftsmanship.

Yili footwear style and designs draw influence and inspiration from colours, textures, travel and the interesting things in between.
All the styles in each collection have a personal inspiration behind it. The colours represent Yili’s attempt to capture the zest of life.

Their sandals are handcrafted using a variety of locally sourced leathers, fabric and skin of premium quality.


Since 2017, AABOUX has been creating unique, stylish, luxury leather goods proudly handcrafted in Lagos, Nigeria.

Designer Zainab Aliyu and her team explore various silhouettes with interesting combinations of locally ethically sourced skins and textured leathers.

Our distinct signature stitch-less bags combine beauty and functionality.

Our vision is to be a Global pan-African brand with an ethos of quality craftsmanship, elegance and style.


Ethnik by Tunde Owolabi was founded in 2015. The brand is about making leather and asooke accessible to the fashion-forward modern man and woman. Beyond accessibility and creating fashionable yet very durable pieces for brand savvy trendsetters, we are about promoting culture and giving back to the community. The essence of our design philosophy is to produce sustainable fashion accessories that are uniquely Afrocentric, drawing inspiration from the Yoruba culture of Nigeria and other African cultures by telling our stories to the world through patterns and colours woven into beautiful fabrics.

We pay critical attention to every detail in our design and production process, through excellent craftsmanship and ethical values.


Hanker and Reech is a Nigerian Leather Goods Brand with a real passion for crafting functional products with distinctive attention to details, aesthetics and durability.

Their pieces are carefully designed and crafted to complement an appreciation for contemporary fashion and lifestyle.

They also cater to customized pieces which reflect personal preference, style and brand identity. They believe very much in the concept of value and constantly endeavour to fuse this with our creativity.

HankerandReech Leather Goods.  Aspire….Achieve!

PereLei is a leather goods brand that creates finely crafted leather pieces utilizing the finest array of colours textures and skins. The brand was born out of the need for finely finished leather goods produced locally. From inception, it was apparent the need for inculcating world-class standards within the local leather goods market. Currently, the brand is engaged in the production of items such as bags, shoes, accessories and corporate souvenirs and other gifts. We pride ourselves on passionately creating world-class leather goods locally.

Lamide Samuel is an Artisanal Leather Accessories Label established in 2016. Made in Africa, they take pride in employing traditional artistic techniques of craftsmanship to interpret local creative genius with an urban and contemporary taste.

Their designs appeal to Fashion-forward consumers who value authenticity and style.
The brand believes in purpose and sustainability; Their leathers are sourced in Nigeria and across Africa, thier creations are locally produced in Lagos, Nigeria by hand, They also engage experienced artisans from Senegal and Ethiopia. Our noble approach to connecting and adopting unique cultural know-how and stories from accross the continent.

Each one of their pieces inspires the spirit of African arts and pays homage to their brand’s core values of love,  originality and craftsmanship.


We welcome sponsorships and partnerships from companies and other organisations. This is an ideal way to demonstrate your organisation’s interest and commitment to great initiatives like ours.

Get in touch here.