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ELOY Awards Tewa Onasanya

2016 so far has been a phenomenal year for women all around the world. We have seen the 1st ever Female US Presidential Candidate, the 1st Female UK Prime Minister in power since the late 80s, the 1st Nigerian Female President of a major US television network, the 1st Female Nigerian Chancellor and let’s not forget the female athletics in Rio, the Nigerian Female rower, who was exceptional at the Olympics. 
It’s that time again when we as a community welcome & recognise a new host of brilliantly skilled women who are making an impact in their respective industries.

It’s time to applaud their tenacity, guts and passion.

It’s time to lift them up so that one day you too will be lifted up by the people whose lives you have impacted on.

It’s time for the 8th edition of the Exquisite Ladies of the Year (ELOY) Award.


The time is now to send in your nominations across a range of categories to be scrutinised by our judges. Nominations for ELOY Awards category ends on the 25th of September 2016. Nominations for the Ladies Who Inspire category ends on the 2nd of November 2016

Entries should be submitted to

The event is set to take place on Sunday the 27th of November 2016.

“This year, our theme is “all women are worth celebrating”. We want to know any woman in any community, workplace, field or anywhere that is doing great work, we want to celebrate those women. That is why the CEMI (Celebrate, Empower, Motivate and Inspire) honours has been created to celebrate these women. The celebrations will be done all through the months running up to the ELOY awards 2016. We ask everyone to send us names and reasons why we should celebrate their nominees. These set of nominees are different from the nominees for the ELOY awards.”

– Tewa Onasanya (Founder, ELOY Awards)

#eloyawards2016 #myexquisitelady #allwomenareworthcelebrating #iamexquisite

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Lagos Uncorked the independence edition returns October 2nd 2016 for a day of eating, drinking and entertainment.

Discover a tantalising array of cuisines from the best restaurants and chefs in Lagos.

What to expect at Lagos Uncorked

– Artisan producers
– Leading Lagos restaurants
– Food and drink Purveyors


Sample signature dishes, drinks and desserts from the best chefs, caterers, restaurants and bars Lagos has to offer.


The Festival is open from 11:00 – 7:00 pm on Sunday 2nd of October 2016.

Get an early bird discount on stands before the 1st week of September for N15,000 !!!

Thereafter, N20,000



OR email or

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Ever heard of bucket list? Its simply a list of things you plan to do before you die and originates from the popular idiomatic expression “kicked the bucket”.

Wish list on the other hand is a compilation or an itemization of desires but instead, you want people to do/buy them for you. The list’s author distributes copies to family, friends, and other stakeholders who are likely to purchase gifts you.

The goal of a bucket list is to dare yourself to do things you are afraid of  and want to challenge. While the goal of a wish list is to facilitate communication between the people buying you a gift or to stock up your needs through others.

The beauty of the wish list is, you can do it for as many times as possible especially around your birthday or Christmas.

Bucket lists are mostly a once in a lifetime plans. Most people arrive at making a bucket list when they want to die and don’t want to regret not doing things they cherish.

But why wait till when you’re diagnosed with a terminal illness before attempting to do things you desire and engage in a challenge that will scare you to the bones? You can make that bucket list a wish list by not only going it alone but invite or inspire friends and family and even followers to be part of your dream and challenge.

Live life to the end knowing you did everything you loved with no regrets. Take on our Monday Motivation Challenge to do whatever you think is impossible like starting that business, writing that book, going on that adventure and more because life is too short to plan forever, sometimes you need to take that leap of faith. #mondaymotivationchallenge #ydagency #leapoffaith

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#1NightinLagos: One Night, 3 Creatives

A night to remember! 3 of the best creatives in the fashion, beauty and lifestyle industry came together on one stage to share their experiences and inspiration all through their journeys.
Before the 3 creatives came on stage, Joanne Sanni from Zaron had an discussion on beauty products and how Zaron is make transforming the beauty industry.


This wasn’t the usual show of glamour, it was much more. From heart touching story of pregnancy/labor pains endurance just to visit the printer for the first edition from Tewa Onasanya, CEO/Founder of Exquisite Magazine to family obstacles faced by Ebele Udoh, Founder/ Managing Director of African Designers Mall, and determination to go it all alone by Sharmaine Aderemi, CEO of Twenty4luxe Consulting; our 3 creatives let it all out about their journeys.


One keynote we took were said by Tewa Onasanya when she noted “if your dream doesn’t scare you, abandon it; but if it does, you’re on the right path”.

The night was hosted by the ever beautiful fashion PR consultant and CEO of YD Agency Yetty Ogunnubi (popularly called Yetty-D). The creatives obviously lighted the night; calling them goddesses will be an understatement but we’d be forgiven for using it.


They exposed alternatives to increasing production and sales without breaking the bank and later answered questions from guests.


Our take home for the night was inspired by Sharmaine Aderemi when she noted: “Nigeria and Nigerians have to change their shopping culture while producers (designers, manufacturers, delivery services) and regulators on the other hand have to build a seamless channel for production, sales and distribution/delivery in record time.”


Oh yes! incase you missed it, guests had goody bags to go home with courtesy Zaron and a #2000 discount vouchers from The highlight of the night was the networking and selfie moments. What’s a night without a selfie? we live for the selfies and I’m off to take mine. Catch more glimpse on our instagram and twitter using hashtag #1NightInLagos